Boomboxx store mural

I was asked by Boomboxx to make a mural in their shop. Which came down to painting the entire back wall and the fitting rooms.

The design and story of the mural is based on the architecture and characteristics of the city of Gouda (where the shop is located). To celebrate that the store has been given a new look, we also released a t-shirt together in which parts of the mural can be found. This t-shirt is sold through the physical store and their webshop.

Photo’s by Nando Dullaart

T-shirt collaboration

To celebrate the new look of the store, we released a t-shirt. The prints and colors are based on the mural. The t-shirt is for sale in the physical store and the Boomboxx webshop.

Link to webshop

Photo’s by: Nando Dullaart. Models: Dennis Bravenboer & Lilo Boerman