My name is Maxim de Gilder and I am an illustrator from Rotterdam with a background in graphic design. Using striking textures, odd characters and strong compositions I create colorful illustrations, animations and murals. The most of my work is taking place in the youth and urban sector. 

2017 – Display x Mono. Vijverhofstraat 15, Rotterdam.
2017 – Croos group exhibition. Exercitiestraat 2b, Rotterdam.
2018 – Red Floor Gallery, opening show. Blaak 10, Rotterdam.
2019 – WdKA, Graduation show. Blaak 10, Rotterdam.
2019 – Tekenpudding, gif exhibition. Antwerpen.
2019 – No Planet No Fun, riso exhibition. Barcelona.
2021 – Spotlight exhibition, Kunstuitleen. Rotterdam.
2021 – Publieke Werken. Rotterdam.
2021 – Boomboxx x Maxim de Gilder in-store release & exhibition.

2018 – Ballpitmag, interview (ENG).
2018 – Indebuurt, German Ba$ement videoclip article (NL).
2021 – Spotlight: Maxim de Gilder. Kunstuitleen Rotterdam (NL).
2021 – Rotterdam Illustrators.

Karhu, Top Notch, Brandpunt Plus, Vers Beton.

Studio’s I worked with
Brut Works, Patswerk & Buck.